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Abandon Control is a psychedelic chill out improvisational jazz ensemble. Chill blues tribal electronica. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, the group has nine members playing; keyboard synths, guitar, bass, drums, vocals, sax, flute, didgeridoo, harmonica, and percussion. Members include: Brad Wray, guitar & keyboards;  JJ Johnson, sax;  Richard Patterson, sax, flute, & didgeridoo;  Kevin Tipple, bass, drums;  Fatna, vocals;  Raphi Boehm, drums, percussion;  Yohan York, vocals, trumpet, bass, drums;  Jon Massman, cello;  Tom Naunas, keyboards, harmonica, percussion, kaos pad.
Our music is recorded live in the Maid's Quarters Studio and mixed at The Big Electric Cat.